When The Gravity Is Under Hiding

Gravity pulls you closer, so why is the moon not orbiting the earth? Such strange questions surround gravity!

By gravity, we mean a force acting between two massed objects without a touch. We learn to accept this force as soon as the apple falls to the ground. It seems so normal that all the deadly effects are scattered around, they are not always noticed. It is not normal. There is no need to catch gravity unless it is as heavy as large planets and satellites, and we are familiar with the only such object — the Earth.

But, if we think that we understand the gravity of this world, then some questions remain. Some of these questions are collected here: about the Earth and other planets and satellites. The questions all revolve around gravity in one way or another. Think about the questions, discuss them. If there is an interesting discussion or something that comes to mind, let us know in the comments below.


penguins have their heads down and their legs up
penguins have their heads down and their legs up
Image By Author On Medium

Penguins live on the continent of Antarctica near the South Pole. Looking at the continent of Antarctica over the globe, it may seem strange to think that penguins have their heads down and their legs up, meaning they are walking upside down! Why aren’t the penguins falling? Do they realize that they are walking in the opposite direction?

Why does something “fall” at all? Where does the attraction ball come from? Where is the attraction of the penguins?

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Image for post
Image for post
Image By Andrew on NASA

Most planets or stars are spherical. But comets are not round. Why?

What is the size of the planets? Should it be round when it is big?

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Image for post
Image for post
Image by Dave Martin On Fadewblogs

The highest mountain on earth is only nine kilometers high. However, Mars has a mountain twenty kilometers high! Why is it possible to have mountains so high on Mars compared to Earth?

How are these mountains made? What prevents you from getting higher?

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Image for post
Image for post
Image By Joby Koay on Science Geek Magazine

Saturn is much larger along with the equator than the line connecting the north-south poles — about ten percent of the difference between the two lengths. The sun, on the other hand, is almost round. Why?

The sun is big in size? The bigger, the more round? Is it possible to get an idea about the goal of this thing when it is big?

|| 5||

Solids are heavier than gas. So if a planet or star is made of gas, can we say that it is lighter than a planet or star made of solid matter?

One of our team members received a book as a child. The name of the book is not the earth but the sun revolves. It was argued that the earth was made of solid matter and therefore heavier than the sun since the sun was made of gaseous matter. So, according to the laws of physics, the earth is pulling the sun, and so the sun is revolving around the earth. Is this argument correct?

|| 6||

The sun is much larger than the earth. Is the earth pulling the sun with the same force that the sun is pulling the sun?

Does this ball depend only on the mass of an object? The pull of the sun on the mass of the sun and the pull of the earth on the mass of the earth?

|| 7||

Earth and sun, who revolves around whom? They are pulling each other with the force of gravity, so why not stumble on top of each other? Why are you spinning?

Will there always be face-to-face clashes if you pull each other? Suppose an object was moving from right to leave, it was drawn perpendicular to its path. As he took a slight turn, the tension changed direction so that it was still perpendicular to the new path. As the direction of the path changes, the ball also changes its direction and remains vertical. In this case, also the collision with the object in front of the source of the ball is inevitable?

|| 8||

The gravitational force is just attracting each other. That is, all the molecules in an object are pulling each other. So, why isn’t the volume of the object going to be zero? In other words, why isn’t everyone coming to everyone’s body?

Where is the barrier to fall on the body? How do chairs and tables maintain their shape? Why don’t the atoms fall on top of each other and become a lump?

|| 9||

An artificial satellite revolves around the earth, at a certain height from the earth’s surface. If we try to move the cellulite farther away from the earth, that is, where the earth’s tension is less, do we have to increase or decrease the velocity of the cellulite?

It seems to be reduced because the earth is spinning. Otherwise, he would have grabbed the tangent of his room and left. It seems to have to increase because the orbit is also increasing, more distances have to be covered. Which one looks right?

|| 10||

Small animals, such as squirrels, are not injured when they fall to the ground from above. However, comparatively large animals fall to the ground and break bones! Why?

Acceleration due to gravity is equal to both. Then why do big animals feel more?

|| 11||

How do I understand the working force without this touch? I understand that I am pulling / pushing, but I can pull from a distance because I have weight, how about this again? Is it magic?

Forcing an object without touching it means that the presence of the object is known from a distance. How is this possible? Surely there is a messenger between the two objects of attraction or repulsion?

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